3 Reasons to Include White Papers in Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re scratching your head as to the above title and wondering, “a white what,” don’t worry. For those new to white papers, they’re basically a 5-12-page document (typically made available on a company website or newsletter) that describes the benefits of a product or service. If you’re already familiar with white papers, then just ignore the last two sentences you read and let’s skip to the next paragraph.

Businesses have utilized white papers as marketing tools for years. The reality is that these papers still serve as effective marketing devices. If your company has not produced one, it should. If your business has created one, well it’s probably time to update it or create a new one…and this is why.

You’ll be a Leader in Your Field

White papers provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase their talents and inform customers on their specific solution to a problem.  Assume, for example, I run a landscape company and I have a sure-fire way to ensure your grass looks healthy and green all summer long. I can use a white paper to outline my specific approach to lawn maintenance and care. This informs others on my technique, but it does something else as well.

It sets me apart from other landscape companies and helps portray my business as an expert and a leader in the field of green grass. A well drafted white paper tells potential clients that…you – are – the –  man. It allows your business to take a stance on something important. All of this establishes your company as a leader, and yes, customers prefer to work with leaders in the industry.

You’ll Generate New Leads

Awesome white papers do two things. They inform and they sell. Amazing white papers accomplish both goals in one unified style of writing. This basically means your business will use a white paper to persuasively educate an audience.

Persuasive education though is a gigantic arrow in the marketing quiver. Selling and informing in one marketing tool is a powerful way to generate new leads and grow your potential client base. But, keep in mind that the most effective white papers are well written and authored by savvy freelance writers.

You’ll Attract Followers

As stated above, white papers inform; and, readers place a price tag on this information. If your information helps readers understand a certain problem or allows them to perform a certain task on their own, then they’ll keep coming back for more. They’ll continue to visit your website and blog. They’ll like your Facebook page. And, they’ll sign up for e-newsletters.

These are all good things. Followers help build your brand. Further, there likely will be a time when one of your followers will need your assistance. Followers, therefore, serve as a great pool of potential clients.

White papers can serve as powerful marketing devices. The three points above help demonstrate this. But, know that your white paper must be clearly and effectively written to achieve maximum power status. That’s why I’m here. I can assist in all stages of the white paper production process. Just contact me today! (206) 451-4660; dustin@dustinreichard.com.