3 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Boost Your Business Immediately

The concept of a freelance writer is still a bit weird for many business owners; and, this weirdness results in the misconception that freelancers can’t help a business grow and profit. Freelance writers essentially write for your business so you don’t have to and the reality is that we can help your business prosper right this minute.

Every business must market. This is how you gain new clients and customers. It’s also how you generate increased profits. Today, three of the best ways for businesses to market themselves are: (1) across social media channels; (2) on a website; and, (3) on a blog. Freelance writers can manage all this marketing for you.

Social Media

Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a marketing goldmine for today’s companies. This is especially the case when it comes to marketing your product or service to millennials. But, posts and tweets take time to create; and, all the content for this takes time to manage and organize.

Freelance writers can take care of your social media tasks for you. I can easily manage a business’ social media pages. This includes creating content ideas and drafting content. In addition, once content gets drafted, I can easily perform the physical act of posting it and tweeting it. This is marketing made easy people!


Every business today should have a website. It’s vital given the number of consumers that shop and perform research online. But, the best websites (that attract all the customers and clients) must stay fresh.

A freelance writer can manage your website. I can update content, add new pages, modify existing pages, generate new case studies, and upload recent photos. These activities help ensure your website remains up-to-date. A website is your virtual front office, and as such, consumers expect a clean office…as well as a current one.

Blog Posts

A business blog performs the valuable marketing goal of informing consumers on topics related to your business. Like a website, every company should have one. The problem with a blog though is that posts should keep coming. Blogs without weekly posts do little to inform and they look sloppy.

A freelance writer can draft blog posts for you. In fact, I go even further for my clients. If they desire, I’ll post the darn posts on the blog for them. I’ll also ensure posts are timely, informative and effective.

I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds great, but it will cost money. Of course, it will. Despite the use of “free” in the name, freelancers expect payment for their services. But in the end, you’ll gain effective marketing to boost your business. Further, with a freelancer taking over the above tasks, you’ll regain valuable time to take on other business endeavors.

Need further convincing that I can help?  Simply contact me now and I’ll fill you in. (206) 451-4660; or, dustin@dustinreichard.com.