Legal Marketing

I’m an attorney with over 15 years of experience – I can make rain.  I’m licensed to practice in WA and IL. To date, I’ve practiced across a wide spectrum of areas and I’ve gained jury, corporate, government and traditional law firm experience.

As a freelance writer and legal marketer,  I have assisted numerous law firms create websites, draft website pages, manage blogs, draft e-books, create specific marketing materials, generate legal feature articles, and I have provided direct consultation on marketing efforts. Here, take a look at a few samples:

Websites: Phillips Law Firm, Law Dawgs, Elliott Law Group

Blogs: Musca Law, Quid Pro Quo

E-books: Washington Injury Guide

Feature Articles: How to Create a Great Law Firm Tagline, Integrated Marketing Tips, Make Like Russell Wilson

Don’t place your web content and marketing materials in the hands of a non-lawyer.  I’m an attorney. I’ve been in your seat. I’ve practiced law and successfully brought in new clients and business to build a practice. Let me now assist in helping you do the same. Get back to your practice and allow me to handle the admin/business side of matters. Contact me today!