An Island Never Worth Visiting

We hear the word “island” and our imagination goes to someplace warm, tropical, and sun-filled. Our minds associate it with pleasurable delights for all senses – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Yes, island time is where we all want to be!

But, is it? There’s an island out there that isn’t too nice to visit. In fact, writers and marketers of anything seek to avoid it at all costs. It’s known as the “Island of Conclusions” and it’ll cost you unnecessary expense and time to escape.

What is the Island of Conclusions?

When we write or market something, the conclusion marks the end of our efforts. It’s the place we ultimately want to get to. For example, if I’m writing a blog on the importance of a website for a small business, my conclusion should state that websites are a necessity for the success of all small businesses. If I’m a seller of shovels, a possible marketing conclusion is that “you should buy my shovels now because they’re truly the best in town!”

Something we must all know about conclusions though is that it takes logical steps to get to them. Going back to the website example, before I’m effectively able to communicate my conclusion, I have to tell an audience exactly why websites are critical for the success of a small business. In reaching my final destination, I’d likely highlight the facts that:

  1. Most small businesses provide goods or services that customers view online.
  2. Customers viewing goods or services online expect a business to have a website.
  3. If a small business does not have a website, customers will go to a competitor that has one.

With these logical steps nicely placed, I can then unveil my conclusion like a seasoned magician – behold, websites are necessary for small business success.

In a nutshell, the Island of Conclusions is where writers, marketers and business owners simply provide conclusions without providing the logical steps to support them. There is no link or connection involving thoughts, reasoning and end results. A blanket statement is merely given without any supporting evidence.

The Danger in the Island

It’s awesome if you think that your shovel is the best in town. But, if you don’t tell me the reasons why, then how can I trust you? How can I understand your reasoning? How can I buy into your sales pitch? How can I reasonably buy a shovel from you?

The Island of Conclusions basically lacks support and credence. But, can you truly sell a person on an item or brand without support and trust? No way. Jumping to a final conclusion without anything else simply scares customers away. Conclusions, without logical steps leading to your island, do nothing but confuse, isolate and ignore the intelligence of customers. Good luck with that!

How do I Avoid the Island?

It’s easy. Whenever you market or write on a good or service, just ensure you have the logical steps in place to support your ultimate message. Think of your conclusion as a specific letter…let’s say “D.”  Well, you can’t reach “D” unless you get through “A,” “B,” and “C.”  A, B and C are your logical steps leading you to D. Provide each step in clear detail and your final “D” becomes more powerful and effectice.

Confused?  Don’t be.  Simply contact me today and let me ensure you’re visiting all the good islands. Well, you have a travel agent for that; but, my role is to help you avoid the bad island – the Island of Conclusions!  Contact me now and let me help –, (206) 451-4660.