How to Write Great Web Copy

Don’t get misguided with the title. Writing great web copy is hard. It takes talent and experience to successfully communicate your message on the web with power, accuracy and persuasion. But, there are a few tips to help you get started in building, or maintaining, a successful website. Take note in them and get the content your company deserves.

Keep it Simple

Many people creating web copy think it should contain every detailed bit of information regarding a business or service. This is not the case. Copy over-loaded with information and details will result in massive websites with thousands of words for readers to digest. Consumers, though, don’t have the time for this.
The key is to make your copy rich in information but simple in terms of presentation. Say what you need to say and then get out of there. Avoid unnecessary technical terms and industry jargon. Tighten all messages so that every word counts. Don’t annoy a reader or waste his time. Rather, capture his intrigue and persuade him to read on – or better yet, contact you directly for more information.

Create an Imaginary Friend

Before writing your web copy, imagine your ideal client or customer. What is the specific problem you’re trying to help them with? What makes them more prone, in comparison to others, in wanting your business? Envision this person. Heck, even give the person a name. And then…
Make this person your best friend. When putting your copy together, write directly to this friend. Use words and messages that will excite, inform, and persuade him. This will help you create web copy that directly speaks to your intended audience.


After you’ve completed the content for your website, the real work begins. You must edit every single page and every single message on your site. Yes, you’ll want to check for spelling and grammatical errors; but, you’ll also want to ensure everything makes perfect sense.
Ernest Hemingway once provided the following advice: “write drunk and edit sober.” While I can’t really advise on whether you should enjoy some merriment in drafting your copy, I can say that you must edit sober and take the practice seriously. You should also edit often. You may want to alter wording or messages based on feedback or changes in your services.

Let me Help

As I stated above, writing great web copy is hard. It also takes time and requires tested skills. If you find yourself having difficulties in creating your copy, contact me. Your business deserves a professional website and you deserve a steady stream of clients and customers. I’m always here to help: or (206) 451-4660.