“Make Like Russell Wilson” Officially Published

Welcome to NW Lawyer. If you’re not familiar with these words, NW Lawyer is the Washington State Bar Association’s official members’ magazine. The February issue of the magazine contains my article, Make Like Russell Wilson. This article provides a general guide on how businesses can use analytics to help drive online marketing success.  While NW Lawyer is a legal publication, the featured article can assist legal and non-legal businesses alike.

If you want to get completely online marketing crazy like, make certain to view the Wilson article in conjunction with this gem. This is another NW Lawyer article of mine that sets forth an integrated marketing approach utilizing a company’s website and social media platforms.  Again, although the article is geared towards attorneys, the information can assist legal and non-legal businesses alike.

I sincerely enjoy assisting companies establish and achieve their online marketing goals. If you need help in either category – establishing or achieving – please contact me right now.  It would be an honor to assist: (206) 451-4660 or dustin.reichard@gmail.com.