Your Business has no Website!?

We’re less than 24 hours away until March Madness erupts, so a maddening blog topic is definitely warranted. According to 2016 research conducted by the US Census Bureau, over 50% of businesses still do not have a website. What the heck!? Yes, maddening indeed – and not just because I’m a freelance writer. A web presence is definitely needed in today’s business world and here’s three quick reasons why.

Customers Expect One

People do thousands of things online today and a main activity is researching businesses. Customers – prior to purchasing a good or service – want to know who they might be working with in a given transaction. They want to: see a face, read testimonials, gain comfort with a company’s performance, etc. A zero website business means questions go unanswered, expectations remain unmet and deals never get sealed.

Your Competitors Have One

Without a website, customers will naturally look elsewhere for the same product or service. As they do, they will almost always find a provider with a virtual front office that informs, excites and soothes. Unless you’re providing candy bars to aliens, your business likely has competitors – and at least one of them will have a website to steal your potential leads.

They’re Easy to Get

Believe it or not, websites are relatively simple to create these days. As a Seattle based freelance writer, I help clients create new websites all the time. However, even if I lacked this experience, my opinion would not change – websites are simple to set-up today (and they’re inexpensive).

For a basic web prescence, you’ll need just three things:

  1. A domain name.  This is your web address so to speak (e.g., You can easily register a domain name with such companies as GoDaddy and Bluehost.
  2. A website host provider.  This is a company that will support your site and ensure it’s on the web.  Again, GoDaddy and Bluehost are two excellent host providers.
  3. A website template.  A company can hire a website design team to put together its entire website. The result will likely look great but this can get expensive. If you want to keep within a certain budget, website design templates help organize your site at a reasonable cost.  Great websites can get created via WordPress themes and GoDaddy website design tools. As an example, check out this law firm’s website I helped create using GoDaddy’s website builder tool. While simple in style, it got the firm on the web.

The three steps outlined above may seem a bit complex, but they’re really not.  Plus, they are quite affordable; and when put together, they actually create excellent websites for any business. Yes, you may need some guidance, but that’s why I’m here.

Dustin Reichard Freelance is a self owned company that assists businesses with web content and writing/marketing needs.  To date, I have helped a host of different businesses create their very first websites – and it has helped them all boost numbers and profits.

Let me help you today.  Simply contact me now and let’s get you your special sliver of life on the web. Yes, your business needs a website and without one…well, we’re all gonna go mad!

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